Immersive POV flick focusing on a dude that fucks his wife's sister

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There's nothing great about cheating, but it sure as fuck looks hot in porn. We enjoy this experience through the eyes of some hairy, chubby dude with an admittedly large cock. Somehow, someway, he manages to seduce his wife's thirsty sister. The inked-up Latina wastes no time when it comes to mounting his cock. She rides the guy in reverse cowgirl, earning a few complimentary spanks along the way. After a while, she picks up an insane tempo which prompts the guy to try and pull her closer. He really needs a breather, so he's trying to do something to distract her. To everyone's surprise, the girl uses this distraction as an opportunity to guide the guy's cock in her asshole. From here on out, we see some of the hottest reverse cowgirl anal you can possibly imagine. Her ass, her moans, the immersion... Just everything about this scene makes it unforgettable. In the end, we see the guy sheeply turning off the camera because he doesn't want to blow a load on cam, for some weird reason.
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