Redheaded sorceress gets fucked by a bunch of wolves in the woods

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It's a World of Warcraft-themed porno video featuring Assumi, a fairly popular character from the game. So, the redhead struts across the forest while wearing the sluttiest fucking garb possible. She finds a huge stone (place of power, maybe?) and bends over to showcase her beautiful, ripe fuck holes. There's this horny-ass wolf that shows up to eat her pussy, out of nowhere. The animal eagerly tongues her holes and then we see Assumi go on all fours. She wants that big animal dick deep in her pussy! The black beast fucks her so hard that she passes out. It then drags her to a different location in the most hilarious way imaginable (you have to see it for yourself, we won't spoil it). Anywho, we now see Assumi (still "unconscious") getting gang-ravaged by wolves. She gets double penetrated, she gets spit-roasted, there's all kinds of bizarre fantasy sex that happens in this one. At the end, Assumi's lifeless carcass gets pumped full of wolf spunk. She seems to enjoy it, as far as we can tell.
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